Transforming care, innovation and leadership through clinical academic roles

Friday 8 December 2017, 6.15PM07:15

Speaker(s): Professor Debbie Carrick-Sen, University of Birmingham

Research activity is important and makes a significant contribution to healthcare outcomes. Beneficiaries are plentiful and include patients, health professionals, health and education organisations and the profession. Patients involved in research report increased monitoring, treatment options, care contacts and improved clinical outcomes. The individual health professional gains extensive knowledge, skills and confidence relating to research methodology, advanced critical thinking, decision-making and appropriately challenged. Benefits to the organisation, include increased provision of evidence-based care, increased reputation, efficiency and clinical outcomes, reduced complaints and increased staff morale as well as attracting and retaining high quality staff. The profession benefits from increased evidence-based care and treatment options and the creation of valued and appropriately developed and utilised healthcare professionals. The development of clinical academic roles assists in the aspiration to increase research capacity and capability from 0.1% of the workforce to 1% by 2030.

A clinical academic is a registered health professional who works concurrently in a healthcare clinical setting as well as an academic (usually a university) setting. The role is relatively new within the UK, however, Australia and the United States of America have established senior clinical academic roles for the last two decades. Within the UK, medicine introduced the role of the medical academic clinical fellow (ACF) in 2007. The role in medicine is now well established and valued. The research focused clinical academic role within the UK has been developed to support and create the role within Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHPs).

The presentation will highlight the contribution of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals to applied healthcare research, give a brief history of developments to date and provide valuable suggestions and insight into how organisations, health professionals and partner organisations can develop and support the NMAHP Clinical Academic Role. 

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Location: Ron Cook Hub auditorium, Campus East

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