Faith Alfa - student from 2012-2013

MSc in Public Health 

Approachable staff

I like the fact that you can talk to all of the staff in the Department, both academic and non-academic. So far it’s been very easy for me to talk to all of them when I have had a problem. I just email or go to the Department and try and see them. They’ve been very helpful.

Different perspectives

The Masters in Public Health is interdisciplinary – it enables you to interact with people from different professions and backgrounds and so work with people from different areas. It’s always interesting to be able to approach a solution to a problem from many different angles, backgrounds and countries.

The modules

I have enjoyed modules like health economics and epidemiology. The epidemiology module has enabled me to look at the determinants and distribution of diseases. Also health economics has looked at countries where resources are limited and helps you think about how to address health problems when resources are limited.

The lectures

I like the way the lectures are structured. We have an hour of lecture then a coffee break and then we convene for an interactive session and workshop. During the lectures we are taught what we need to know, then you are able to have a rest for a while and then we come back and put into practice what you’ve learnt. So the fact that you are tested is really good because it really checks to see if you’ve actually learnt from the lecture.

Faith Alfa