Accessibility statement

Faith and Religion 

The Department of English and Related Literature is inclusive and supportive of students and staff of all faiths and none. The University provides a number of facilities for its main religious communities through its Collegiate system. If you have special requirements relating to accommodation or diet and want advice on which colleges may be best suited to your needs, contact the individual colleges for further details via the College website.

The University has a number of facilities for prayer and reflection. The Department also has a dedicated room known as the F. R. Leavis Room which can be used for the purposes of prayer and reflection.

The University of York values the diversity brought by its individual members and aims to create a welcoming, tolerant and respectful environment for all students, staff and visitors. Please see information below to help students to make contact with members of their faith in the York area, find spaces for prayer and reflection or to find people willing to discuss matters of faith and belief.

Faith contacts

Prayer and reflection facilities

YUSU Faith societies

Chaplaincy website

If you do not find the information you are looking you can also contact Student Services for further support (

Religion and literature

The department has a culture of both teaching and research that pays attention to the ways in which religion and theology are involved in literature and how historical literatures are often inseparable from the religious cultures they emerged from. We regularly teach classes at and use the resources of York Minster Old Palace Library, and run courses that include a focus on religious thought, for instance, Milton and Radical England (BA), The Bible and Literature (BA), Muslim Translations of Britain (BA), and Religion and the Book (MA).