The PGCE course

The Department of Education welcomes a diverse range of graduate trainees onto the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course. Working in partnership with a number of local schools, we have developed a strong PGCE course in which school teachers and university tutors share the responsibility for teacher training.

Trainees spend two thirds of the course in schools and have experience in at least three schools.

Term dates 2017/18:

Yorkshire TSA / Core and Pathfinder

Term 1: 13 September (Yorkshire TSA) or 18 September (Core and Pathfinder) to 15 December 2017

Term 2: 8 January to 23 March / 30 March 2018

Term 3: 9 April / 16 April to 29 June 2018 (NB: Yorkshire TSA closes 20 June 2018)

Course Structures 2017-18

Core PGCE Structure 2017-8 (MS Word  , 37kb)

Pathfinder PGCE Structure 2017-8 (MS Word  , 59kb)

YTSA PGCE Structure 2017-18 (MS Word  , 46kb)

Course aims

The primary aim of the course is to enable trainees to meet the Teachers  Standards and be recommended for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) . The course also aims to encourage trainees to examine, in a critical but constructive way, the current educational system and practice.

The intention is that trainees should become skilled members of the teaching profession, able to make a full contribution to educational debate and innovations of the future.

The programme is assessed at Masters (M) level.

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