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Treatments for the management of hyperhidrosis

Posted on 8 January 2016

CRD have recently begun work on a new NIHR funded systematic review and value of information analysis on treatments for the management of hyperhidrosis. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University.

Primary hyperhidrosis is a descriptive term for uncontrollable excessive and unpredictable sweating, which occurs at rest, regardless of temperature without any obvious cause.  The emotional, psychosocial, and physical impact of hyperhidrosis is substantial and the optimal management of patients with this condition is essential. There is significant variation in which treatments are available in the NHS and access to treatments is limited for many patients. Also, decisions about which treatments to use are often made in a context of uncertainty. 

The NIHR funded project comprises a systematic review of the evidence for the different treatments for hyperhidrosis and economic modelling to establish if further research is warranted to determine which are effective treatments. The project will also gather information on what treatment effects are important to patients. 

The research project started on December 1st 2015 and will complete by December 2016.

The CRD team working on this project are Nerys Woolacott, Ros Wade, Julie Jones-Diette and Kath Wright along with colleagues from Newcastle University.