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Health Libraries Group Conference 2016

Posted on 26 September 2016

Kath Wright attended the Health Libraries Group Conference and presented a poster about the InterTASC Information Specialists' Sub-Group Search Filter Resource.

The poster describes the ISSG Search Filter Resource (SFR) that collects and evaluates search filters. Sections of the poster explain what search filters are and how they are designed, giving an example of when you would want to incorporate a search filter into a database search strategy. New search filters that are identified are added to the relevant section of the ISSG SFR website as well as to the "recently added" section on the site. The SFR is designed for librarians and information specialists engaged in literature searching in health and social care. It collects together search filters of all types and for all databases making it easy to identify relevant filters to incorporate into search strategies. Reports and descriptions of search filters are spread throughout the literature and can be difficult to identify. As the SFR is the only resource of its kind it can save users both time and effort.

ISSG SFR 2016 poster (PDF , 2,050kb)

Health Libraries Group Conference 2016