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Callum Gater
PhD student



  • Manchester Metropolitan University
    MChem (2016-2020)
  • University of York
    PhD (2020-present)



Callum is a PhD student supervised by Simon Duckett. His research is focussed upon "Hyperpolarizing Nitrogen". This involves using the signal amplification by reversible exchange (SABRE) hyperpolarisation method to transfer polarisation to 15N in various diazirines before releasing hyperpolarised dinitrogen via an established photochemical pathway.

The main aim of his project is to prove the existence of the NMR silent paranitrogen with the ultimate hope of utilising the hyperpolarization potential of p-N2 to develop a new technique for imaging the lung space via MRI.


Selected publications

A. Dobzhenetskiy, C. A. Gater, A. T. M. Wilcock, S. K. Langley, R. M. Brignall, D. C. Williamson, R. E. Mewis, Utilisation of the Static Evans Method to Measure Magnetic Susceptibilities of Transition Metal Acetylacetonate Complexes as Part of an Undergraduate Inorganic Laboratory Class, Bulgarian Journal of Science Education, 2019, Vol 28, Issue 3, 339-350, 

Rayner, P. J., Fekete, M., Gater, C. A., Ahwal, F., Turner, N., Kennerley, A. J., & Duckett, S. B. . Real-Time High-Sensitivity Reaction Monitoring of Important Nitrogen-Cycle Synthons by15N Hyperpolarized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. 2022 Journal of the American Chemical Society.

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Mr Callum Gater
PhD student
Centre for Hyperpolarisation in Magnetic Resonance
University of York
YO10 5NY

Tel: 01904 328890