Dr Kirsty Penkman Highlights

Prizes and Awards:

  • 2016 Joseph Black Award, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • 2016 NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship to Kirsty High: "Fading Star - Shining Light: Integrating an evidence-based decision support system for in situ preservation of archaeological remains"
  • 2016 Leverhulme Trust, co-I: "The control of coral biomineralisation"
  • 2015 EU MCSA Innovative Training Network, co-I: “ArchSci2020; Archaeology on the Edge; Northern Europe and the Circumpolar World”
  • 2015 NSF EAGER, co-I: “Paleontological Proteomics Initiative: Developing Theory and Applications in Molecular Paleontology”
  • 2012 Philip Leverhulme Prize, Leverhulme Trust
  • 2010 Lyell Fund award, Geological Society
  • 2010 EU Reintegration grant with Bea Demarchi, PI: "mAARiTIME."
  • 2010 NERC CASE studentship, PI: "Fading Star: understanding accelerated decay of wetland archaeology."
  • 2010 AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award, co-I: "Eggs is eggs: making shell fragments visible in the archaeological record."
  • 2009 NERC Standard Research Grant, PI: "Building a Better Egg Timer."
  • 2008 NERC Standard Research Grant, co-PI: "Biotic responses to environmental change: dwarf mammals of Mediterranean islands as evolutionary experiments in the Quaternary."
  • 2008 Lewis Penny medal, Quaternary Research Association
  • 2008 Research Priming Fund Grant, University of York: "Diatoms: deposition, degradation and dating."
  • 2007 NSF Visiting Researcher, Northern Arizona University, USA
  • 2006 Wellcome Trust Fellowship: "Amino acid racemization in calcite: Dating the Pleistocene."
  • 2005 NERC Small grant: "Amino acids in corals; range finders for sclerochronology and markers of bleaching?"
  • 2004 English Heritage / Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund: "Chronology of British Aggregates."
  • 2004 NERC Small Grant: "How useful is amino acid racemization as a tool for geochronology? A test of natural variability in Quaternary sediments."
  • 2002 Marie Curie Pre-doctoral Fellwship, University of Bergen, Norway
  • 2000 NERC PhD studentship: "Dating the Thames Terraces: Amino acid racemisation comes in from the cold." University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Plenary and Invited talks:

  • 2004 International Geosciences Programme 449 Meeting, Malaga, Spain
  • 2005 Quaternary Research Association Annual Meeting, British Museum, London
  • 2006 European Geosciences Union conference, Vienna, Austria
  • 2006 GeoArch conference, Exeter
  • 2007 World Malacology Conference, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2008 QRA/RGS Meeting, Royal Geographical Society, London
  • 2008 RSC Emerging Analytical Professionals meeting, York
  • 2010 Palaeoenvironment, Geochronology and Archaeology at Neumark-Nord. Halle/Saale, Germany
  • 2010 AHOB Meeting, British Museum, London
  • 2011 AHOB Meeting, British Museum, London
  • 2012 Earthtime conference, Santorini
  • 2014 Analytical Resarch Forum, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • 2014 European Malacological Congress, Cambridge
  • 2014 QRA Thames field meeting
  • 2015 AGU, San Francisco, USA

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