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NEaar: North East Amino Acid Racemization

NEaar is dedicated to providing world class amino acid racemization analysis as a tool for geochronology.  It is the NERC-recognised facility for amino acid analysis.


  • Kirsty Penkman

The NEaar team have a combined total of over fifty years experience of direct relevance to the use of amino acid racemization as a geochronological tool.

The NEaar lab became NERC-recognised in 2008 and has hosted over 100 British and international researchers, from undergraduate students to academic staff. 

NEaar has three main scientific objectives: 

  • to continue actively pioneering analytical advances in amino acid research;
  • to welcome visiting researchers and students, giving them the opportunity to learn the technique and analyse their own samples whilst supporting them in data interpretation;
  • to provide a “Pay-As-You-Go” amino acid analysis service for the earth science and archaeological science community.

Twitter: @NEaar_lab