Dr Avtar Matharu appointed editor of new Elsevier green chemistry research journal
September 2019
Dr Avtar Matharu has been appointed editor-in-chief of Current Research in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, a new primary research, gold open access journal from Elsevier.

Award to mark academic’s leading contribution to green chemistry research
September 2019
A leading academic from the University of York who was instrumental in establishing the UK’s green chemistry movement 20 years ago has received official recognition for his work in this area.

A better solution for the environment - Chemistry World
August 2019
Recycling and using new, greener solvents can make chemical processes more sustainable.

New polymerisation reactor system strengthens on-going development and scale-up of novel bioplastic polymers - Biorenewables Development Centre
June 2019
The GCCE have strengthened their relationship with Biome Bioplastics Ltd and the BDC, by installing a new specialist polymerisation reactor. 

Green solvent wins Environmental Leader Top Product award
May 2019
An environmentally-friendly solvent developed in our green chemistry laboratories has won a top US industry award.

Green solvent wins Environmental Leader’s Top Product 2019 award
May 2019
An environmentally-friendly solvent developed in our green chemistry laboratories has won a top US industry award.  

Merck launches industry-first Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator
May 2019
Merck has launched DOZN™ - an industry-first Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator that evaluates the relative greenness of chemicals and chemical processes against the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.

Enterprise Fellowship Success
April 2019
A researcher from the GCCE has been awarded a fellowship to help translate his work into a potential business idea.

Carbon capture and conversion must not rely on rare metals - The Conversation
January 2019
GCCE PDRA Dr Katie Lamb speaks about sustainable catalysts for carbon capture as alternatives to rare metals.

ACU Blue Charter fellowship success
January 2019
Green Chemistry first year PhD student Parul Johar has been awarded an ACU Blue Charter fellowship of £10,000.

UK-Brazilian approach to a global problem
November 2018
As part of the UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation, Professor Michael North has written an article explaining how researchers in York and Brazil are working together to develop new methods to convert excess carbon dioxide into sustainable materials for battery technologies.