lab equipment, researcher holding bio-board, wood pellets

The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence works closely with industry to deliver competitive tailor-made solutions that are more profitable, less wasteful, less damaging to the environment and more socially acceptable. Customers come from many sectors and range from small manufacturing enterprises through to large corporations at local to international level.  The Centre is dedicated to improving and developing innovative processes and products for the chemical, energy, food, pharmaceutical and related industries through implementation principles of green chemistry and application of clean chemical technologies.

Our commitment to discovery research 10 years ago on developing mesoporous carbonaceous materials from waste polysaccharides for catalysis, water purification and chromatography now impacts global industry and academia. Today, we make and sell these materials known as Starbons through Sigma-Aldrich chemical company, the world’s largest supplier of chemicals and our spin-out company, Starbon Technologies Ltd.

A new Industrial Engagement Facility (IEF) has now been integrated within the new Green Chemistry Centre building. The IEF includes a hot desk area, laboratory space and access to specialist instrumentation dedicated to visiting industrial partners in the new Centre geared to their specific applied research interests. In addition, an industrial engagement space, a large multi-function, seminar/lecture room and meeting room facilitating one-to-one discussions, small seminars as well as larger events.