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Dr Seishi Shimizu

Reader in Biochemistry


Statistical Thermodynamics: Theory and Applications

I am a theoretician who aims:

  • to gain a molecular scale understanding directly from the routinely performed experiments (such as solubility, sorption isotherm and physical properties' data);
  • to attain interpretive clarity via a direct connection to the first principles with a bare minimum number of assumptions;
  • to make my theory usable for industry and experiments via user-friendly, web-based apps (written by my industrial collaborator).

We work in the following research areas.

Solution phenomena

Text reads: Solution phenomena, stabilisation, aggregation, solubilisation, gelation, binding, from molecular to mesoscale, with varying degree of aggregation.

Interfacial phenomena

Text reads: Interfacial phenomena, gas sorption, sorption from solution

I strive for clarity using pen, paper, coffee and walks. I collaborate with theoreticians, experimentalists and industry.

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Seishi Shimizu

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Dr Seishi Shimizu
Reader in Biochemistry
York Structural Biology Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
University of York
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Tel: +44 (0)1904 328281