Accessibility statement

Equality & Diversity Group

Membership & Contact

John Slattery   Chair
Leonie Jones   Deputy Chair & Employability & Diversity Officer ex officio
Katherine Manfred   Deputy Chair
Kevin Cowtan   Academic Rep & Data Advisor
Caroline Dessent   Head of Department ex officio
Mark Shaw   Deputy Head of Faculty Operations ex officio
Hester de Groot   Admin Manager ex officio
Polly Buxton   HR Administrator ex officio
Julia Sarju   T&S Rep & Disability Officer ex officio
Avtar Matharu   Academic Rep
Derek Wann   Academic Rep
Suranjana Bose   Technical Staff Rep
Damian Shaw   Administrative Staff Rep
Mia Shandell   Postdoc Rep
Kelechi Uleanya   Postdoc Rep
Aminata Sakho   Postgraduate Student Rep
Stuart Smith   Postgraduate Student Rep
Bella Byrne   Undergraduate Student Rep
Harshita Janjani   Undergraduate Student Rep
Abby Stock-Duerdoth   Undergraduate Student Rep
Sam Furfari   Co-opted Member (Decolonisation & Diversification Lead)
Angela Lipscomb   BioEDG Rep
Elva Robinson   BioEDG Rep
Simone Quinn   School of PET EDI Rep
Kate Lancaster   School of PET EDI Rep
Kofi Appiah   Computer Science EDI Rep

Equality and diversity enquiries may be directed to the Chair or Deputy Chairs.

Please contact regarding any other queries or agenda items.

Equality & Diversity Group Objectives

  1. To lead on Departmental promotion, celebration and awareness raising of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues
  2. To provide an effective forum for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion discussions
  3. To oversee the writing and submission of Athena SWAN award renewals, liaising with the HoD and DMT as appropriate
  4. To advise the HoD and DMT on the contents, implications and implementation of the AS Action Plan
  5. To hold regular meetings as a full committee and working groups to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Department
  6. To collate and analyse Equality, Diversity and Inclusion data
  7. To support the work of the Department’s Equality and Diversity officer
  8. Through the chair, to inform and influence directly Departmental management practices to ensure embedding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion principles
  9. To oversee the Equality and Diversity budget annually
  10. To act as a Beacon Department and promulgate good Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practice outside of the Department
  11. To advise the BoS on issues of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practices in teaching and support BoS on issues of implementation
  12. Terms of membership will be three years, renewable once for staff members.  Terms of membership will be 2 years for students and PDRAs to encourage wider representation.   There is flexibility to adjust terms by up to twelve months to accommodate deadlines for Athena SWAN submissions and to ensure rolling turnover.