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Eric Hoddy



Eric is a social scientist with research interests in climate and development, human rights and social movements, human rights leadership, and transitional and transformative justice. His most recent research focuses on climate adaptation and legal consciousness in urban informal settlements, and transformative justice in transitional and post-conflict settings.

Eric has held research positions with Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (Sweden), the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at The University of Sheffield (UK), and the WorldFish research centre (Malaysia). He is currently a Research Fellow on the Earth System Governance Project (Utrecht University) and a member of its Taskforce on Planetary Justice.

Eric is happy to consider supervision of human rights related PhD projects on the following topics:

Development and sustainability
Climate and environmental change
Social movements
Transitional and transformative justice



Current funded research: TRANSIST is a joint interdisciplinary project between Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies and the University of York (Stockholm Environment Institute and York Law School), ‘From everyday forms of resistance to transformational climate change adaptation of the urban poor’, funded by the Vetenskapsrådent VR (Sweden). The research, which is being undertaken in Maputo, Mozambique, investigates relationships between everyday risk perceptions, resilience and everyday legal cultures, and their influence on the potential for transformational change.

Previous funded research includes an ESRC fellowship on ‘Developing the research and practice agenda on transformative justice’, which focused on the needs and priorities of a community of poor farmers in Tunisia in the context of democratic transition.


Selected publications


Gutiérrez J., Hoddy, E., McGill, D. eds. (forthcoming, 2022). Justicia transformativa y conflicto agrario. Elementos para un debate necesario [Transformative justice and agrarian conflict: Elements for a necessary debate]. Santo Tomás University: Medellín, Colombia.

Peer-reviewed papers and chapters 

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