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Lucrezia Canzutti


Lucrezia has a background in East Asian Studies. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Ca' Foscari University of Venice and a Master's Degree in East Asian Regional Development from the University of Leeds. Lucrezia’s research interests include nationalism and nation building, South East Asian Politics, Immigration, Citizenship and Diasporas.


Lucrezia's PhD Thesis looks at the Vietnamese diaspora in Cambodia, the majority of which has been unable to access Khmer citizenship despite having lived in Cambodia for generations. Their legal status, combined with Cambodia's deep-rooted anti-Vietnamese sentiment, has caused Cambodia's Vietnamese to live at the margins of the host-society whilst relying on the ancestral homeland for assistance. Lucrezia's research explores the reasons, modalities, and implications of Cambodia and Vietnam’s engagement with these Vietnamese communities. It demonstrates how the two states alternate concessions and control while refraining from granting citizenship due to the political and economic costs that this would entail. Departing from existing perspectives on homelands, host-state and diaspora relations, Lucrezia’s thesis argues that Cambodia and Vietnam engage in some level of cooperation that culminates in the (co)-production of a non-citizen diaspora.

Lucrezia is supervised by Martin Jones and Dr. Alice Nah


Undergraduate modules: Power, Politics, and Society (2015/16); What is Politics? (2016/17 and 2017/18)

Postgraduate modules: Asylum, Migration, and Human Trafficking (2016/17 and 2017/18)

Lucrezia Canzutti

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