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CAHR staff secure ESRC Impact Accelerator Award for research in Tunisia

Posted on 26 June 2017

Paul Gready and Simon Robins have secured a 6 month ESRC Impact Accelerator Award from August 2017 for a project entitled 'Reparations for sexual violence as part of a Truth Commission process: A collaboration with Tunisia's Truth and Dignity Commission'.

This proposal builds on a long-term collaboration with the Women's Commission within the Tunisian Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC), a state body mandated to determine the truth of past human rights violations in Tunisia. This collaboration was forged as a part of a three year ESRC-funded project 'Transformative justice in Egypt and Tunisia'. A very rich data set has been created, focusing on the sexual violations women experienced and their current needs.

This new project builds on the relationship established with the TDC and has three objectives: 1) to conduct additional research to go beyond violations and needs to secure insights into locally-relevant reparations, and particularly transformative reparations; 2) to work with the Women's Commission to provide support in drafting its section of the TDC’s final report, and associated recommendations; and 3) to engage civil society actors, donors and relevant government agencies to build support for the recommendations and their implementation. As the TDC Final Report is due in June 2018, an additional six months of support will enable us to make an evidence-based contribution to the TDC's report/recommendations and to creating an environment that will maximise the probability of their implementation.