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Martin Jones conducts training on refugee law and policy in Taiwan

Posted on 24 October 2012

Martin Jones, Lecturer in International Human Rights Law at CAHR, will be delivering a workshop on refugee law, policy and practice in Taiwan as part of a regional conference on refugee protection in East Asia.

Taipei aerial shot

The conference, the East Asia Symposium on Refugee Rights from 27 to 29 October 2012, is being jointly hosted by the Taiwan Association for Human Rights, the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network, the Human Rights Programme of Soochow University and the Taipei Bar Association. A wide range of local and international human rights organisations and academics are also participating in the conference.

The workshop for local lawyers and human rights defenders will provide an opportunity to compare draft legislation currently being debated in Taiwan with international standards and best practices. As part of his visit to Taiwan, Martin will be meeting with officials from the National Immigration Agency and legislators to discuss the draft legislation. He will be visiting immigration detention facilities to conduct detention monitoring and to discuss Taiwan's policies concerning the detention of refugees and migrants. Martin will also be providing training on legal standards with respect to detention and moderating a panel discussing anti-trafficking policies in the region.