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Art + Research [a workshop]

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Wednesday 30 October 2019, 4.00PM to 7:00pm

Speaker(s): Ugandan photographer JIM JOEL

This first workshop in a series of three over the academic year, offers you the chance to try out ways of getting at more, or more varied or different data. Inspired by Sarah Pink's work on sensory ethnography, we will consider ways of noticing, recording and reflecting on information that sometimes escapes us, or that we take for granted.

The workshop is designed to be interactive and practical, as follows: 

  • Discussion of Ugandan photographer Jim Joel’s photographs of York, taken during his residency here in October. How photography can be seen as a research endeavour, and how it can evoke a sense of place, (and maybe the people who inhabit that space). The connection between photography and research (such as using archives, oral history, photo-elicitation).
  • Participants will be offered prompts to collect sensory data out in the streets of York, for a time-limited period within the workshop, using individual choice of readily available tools (e.g. snapshot photographs, audio recording of sounds, audio recording of own perceptions etc.).  
  • Discussion of the experience of collecting data in this way, and how to make field notes that are useful and practical, particularly for capturing sensory data.

Suggested pre-reading: the brief introduction to Sarah Pink’s book Doing Sensory Ethnography:

We have a very limited budget for the workshops, so please bring food/drink to share, or that meets your own needs for refreshment.

Location: K/G33 Kings Manor, York

Admission: All welcome: researchers, artists, others. Email