Induction Safety Training

Everyone working in the Department must receive appropriate health and safety induction before starting work in the Department. This should cover both general health & safety issues in addition to specific issues related to your own work activities.

a) Staff, temporary visitors and postgraduate students

A link to the online 'Health & Safety Induction Checklist' is sent to all new members of staff.  This includes key safety issues that need to be covered as part of the induction training. Your line manager / supervisor is responsible for ensuring you receive this induction, and will help identify any specific training requirements that you may also require. On completion of this induction you should have an understanding of all items listed. Postgraduate students will also be expected to attend a safety training session(s), organised at the beginning of each academic year.

b) Undergraduate students

All undergraduate students will be given a safety induction briefing at the start of their studies. A further safety talk is organised before students embark on their third year project. This supplements the more detailed safety instruction and information given by the project supervisors.