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The Biology Departmental Electronics services aims to provide a complete electronics support for all members of the Department. Please contact us for any of the listed services. If there is something not listed, please ask us. We can be found in room E002. A grant code is required for all chargeable jobs.


  • Maintenance and repairs to electronic, electrical and electromechanical equipment
  • Departmental PC / laptop repairs and maintenance; PC construction to users' specifications
  • Computer network connections.
  • Development and construction of specialist electronic equipment.
  • Advice on selection of equipment and materials.
  • Electrical safety testing arranged.
  • General advice on electronic and electrical matters.


Maintenance & repairs

Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and repairs to electronic, electrical and electromechanical equipment

centrifuge Lights repair

We provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair service to a very wide range of electronic, electrical and electromechanical equipment. Any malfunctioning item in your laboratory or office can be referred to us. Repair of a faulty item is nearly always cheaper than the cost of replacement and often more convenient. We can repair equipment where manufacturer service support is no longer provided. Our charges are almost invariably lower than those charged by external agencies. Additionally, equipment down-time can usually be reduced by our in-house presence.

Departmental PC / laptop repairs and maintenance; PC construction to users' specifications

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In addition to general equipment repairs we are able to repair PCs and laptops to component level, so make us your first port of call for PC repairs.

Laptop Repair

Fed up with you computer running too slow? Let us upgrade it with the addition of more memory, or a faster or larger hard drive. If you need a computer with a specification that’s hard to find as a ready-built machine, talk to us as we can custom-build PCs to your exact requirements. We can also offer advice on any aspect of computer hardware and peripherals.

Computer network connections

Network Network Repair

The electronics workshop are responsible for maintaining the wiring of our Departmental network in good working order. If you have problems with the network connections, require more network points etc, please contact us.

Electrical safety testing

Electrical safety testing

All items connected to the mains supply must be periodically tested for electrical safety (PAT testing). This duty is carried out by the Electronics Workshop. If you have a new piece of equipment, please ensure it has been PAT tested before use.


Development and construction of specialist electronic equipment.

We have considerable expertise in the design and construction of bespoke electrical equipment tailored to specific research needs. Come and talk to us with your ideas and we will help you turn them into reality.

Some recent projects:



This equipment was developed for the Dr James Chong research group. Commercially available equipment was prohibitively expensive. Our microprocessor-controlled potentiostat was developed within the research budget and in a short period of time.



This system was created for the Dr Christoph Baumann group. It allows them to spin-coat glass microscope slides with a photo-etchable film within accurate and repeatable parameters, under either computer or manual control.



This equipment was developed for Professor Phil Ineson's research. The challenge was to massively enhance the capability of an existing Soil CO2 analysis system to provide enhanced temporal and spatial resolution. The multiplexer design was taken from an initial concept through to the finished product.


The use of the unique soil CO2 multiplexer allowed the group to undertake pioneering research in the field of climate change. The principles used in our multiplexer subsequently influenced the design of similar commercial equipment. The cost of our multiplexer remains a fraction of that of the commercial equivalent.



Electronics Services Advice

We can give advice on selection of equipment and materials, and general advice on electronic and electrical matters.

With many years of practical experience, we can advise on most matters electronic and electrical, from selection of equipment to purchase of components.

We have a range of catalogues for perusal for all things electrical and contacts with all sorts of people in the electronics field who can get you the best deals... So before diving in and spending lots on the advice of outside companies, contact us first.