Biology Department Stress Management

The University’s  Management Procedure ‘Managing Work Related Stress requires departments to put in place local arrangements for stress-related risk assessment and management.  The Department of Biology’s Biology Policy & Procedure for managing work-related stress (MS Word , 45kb) aims to implement these requirements, and recognises a responsibility to develop and promote good practice in the management of work related stress throughout the Department.

The following represents a summary of some of the key points from the Department’s policy and procedure on stress management, along with additional guidance

Results of the 2013 Stress Survey

Departmental stress policy statement

What is stress?

What are the effects of stress?

Why is it important to manage stress?

Who's at risk?

Departmental management of stress factors

How can the Department improve stress management?

Responsibilities for managing work related stress

Sources of support for individuals and manager

How do I report a case of work related stress?

Responding to reported work related stress

Monitoring stress in the Department

Training & other resources

Good practices to be followed by all Managers

What can individuals do to manage stress?

Top 10 stress busting tips