First Aid boxes & replenishing stocks

First Aid boxes are available in all areas throughout the Department. They are typically located in laboratory areas or office write-up areas / corridors. A list of First Aiders in your local area is also provided next to the First Aid boxes.

The following is a list of recommended items for a First Aid box. It is not mandatory, so equivalent items may be used. 

Recommended contents for First Aid boxes

ItemStandard 10 kitStandard 20 kitStandard 50 kit
First Aid Guidance Leaflet 1 1 1
Medium First Aid Dressing 4 6 8
Large First Aid Dressing 1 2 2
Non-woven Triangular Bandage 2 3 4
Safety Pins
(pack of 6)
1 2 4
Eye Pad Dressing 2 3 4
Assorted Waterproof Plasters (pack of 20) 2 3 5
Non-Alcohol Cleaning Wipes 20 30 40
Microporous Tape 1 1 1
Disposable Gloves (pair) 6 9 12
Finger Dressing 2 3 4
Revive Aid Mouth to Mouth Resuscitator 1 2
Emergency Thermal Blanket 1 2 3
Hydrogel Burn Dressing 1 2 2
Small Tuff Cut Scissors 1 1 1
Conforming Bandage 1 2


Replacement of First Aid supplies

  • First Aiders are responsible for replenishing all stock that they have used to deal with a First Aid incident.
  • A nominated person (typically a local First Aider or, in the absence of a local First Aider, the area Safety Monitor) is also responsible for periodically (at least every 6 months) checking the contents of the First Aid box and replenish if necessary. A sticker is attached to each First Aid box which must be completed by the nominated person to confirm the box contents have been checked.
  • Used, or out of date stock can be replaced at Biology Supplies and Goods Services counter on F0 corridor.
  • Most First Aid boxes in the Department are used very infrequently which inevitably leads to 'out of date' stock. Although it is recognised that such items will still be safe to use (and considerably safer than many items used in the absence of a First Aid kit!), out of date stock should be replaced within a reasonable time-scale.