Accessibility statement

First Aiders

  • Each supervised field trip must include at least one trained First Aider (i.e. someone who has attended a certificated First Aid training course).
  • The number of qualified First Aiders required, as well as the level of First Aid training, shall be determined by the organiser commensurate with the type of work and numbers of students.
  • In addition, the Department expect all supervisors of field trips to have received basic First Aid training (outdoor emergency first aid training (1 or 2 day course)).  Training for supervisors of field trips is co-ordinated by the Student & Academic Services Manager.
  • A trained First Aider would not normally be expected to attend:
    • urban field trips where ambulances and medical aid are readily available (i.e. where an ambulance could be expected to attend within 10 minutes following a 999 call)
    • field trips involving small groups (<5) of experienced postgraduates / staff in low hazard environments
  • If First Aid treatment can be provided by a host (e.g. a host field station) it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that this has been agreed prior to arrival and that adequate cover is available for the period of activity.