Domain Summaries and Grad Seeds

What training do I have to do?

In addition to your research activity, you need to undertake approximately 10 days a year of appropriate training which includes some mandatory activities. 

At the end of their PhD, students must have: 

  • Completed a range of training activities including mandatory ones in the 4 domains of the RDF (10 days per year). This is monitored by Thesis Advisory Panels and Progression Panels. 
  • Completed and reported on a Grad Seed.
  • Written a Domain Summary of their training at the end of their PhD.

You undergo training by:

  • Participating in departmental postgraduate research student events.
  • Undertaking courses delivered centrally by the Research Excellence Training Team (RETT).
  • Participating in events required as part of your PhD programme (for example, NERC ACCE or BBSRC White Rose DTP programmes).
  • Participating in a wide range of other activities that meet your training needs.

You should record the training you have undergone by creating a Development Record on Skillsforge

Annual Graduate Symposium

The Graduate Symposium showcases the full spectrum of research carried out by our PGR students and is held in the 5th week of the Undergraduate Summer term each year. Term dates. Attendance is is compulsory for all research students in the Department.

Final year students deliver a 20-minute talk and first year PhD and MSc by Research students present posters over an extended, catered lunch.