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Formal Supervisory Meetings

Formal supervisory meetings must be held at least 8 times per year, two per term (Spring term (January - April), Summer term (May – June), Vacation term (July – September) and Autumn term (October – November). Formal supervisory meetings are expected to be held at least every 6-7 weeks for both full-time and part-time students. A record of each Formal Supervisory Meeting should be recorded on SkillsForge by the student and approved by the supervisor. The Formal Supervisory Meeting record should include a summary of the meeting, future actions and agreed training.   

Formal Supervisory Meetings should be held in person, however, in certain instances such as students doing fieldwork or students out on placement, supervisory meetings can be held by alternative means such as video-conferencing.  The Biology Graduate School Board may waive this requirement when the student is absent on academic grounds i.e. due to fieldwork location when alternative means of holding a Formal Supervisory Meeting are not available.