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The first time you use the app and then once a week following that, the app will prompt you to fill in a diary that maps your child developmental milestones. You will just mark how often your child did several different actions or activities in the last week. Once you mark one of those actions or activities as having occurred more than twice in a single week, the app will consider that activity "achieved" and will mark the date it was achieved on. If you later think you've made a mistake, you can always press ‘Undo’ to correct your choice. Once your child begins to say words, you are also asked to write those first words in the diary. We are interested in words your child uses spontaneously (not in imitation), and in the right social context (like saying "bye" when waving, "aw" when cuddling a soft toy, "hello" when putting object to ear, or "moo" when seeing a cow or when asked "what does a cow do?"). It doesn't matter if the word doesn't sound like it does when an adult says it, as long as you understand what your child means! Please write the word your child is aiming at, rather than what it sounds like.

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