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Richard Hagan


Richard is the Senior Technical Team Manager in the Department of Archaeology, providing line management support for all of our technicians and field work staff. Additionally, Richard is the Departmental Safety Advisor, liaising with the Head of Department and Health and Safety Services to support safe working practices across the Department. Prior to this role, Richard supported the Department in BioArCh as a Senior Research Technician, specializing in palaeoproteomics and ancient DNA. He earned a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the University of Cincinnati (USA) and an M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma (USA) focusing on ancient metagenomics and proteomics. Richard is based both on Campus East in the Environment Building and at King's Manor in the heart of York. 

Departmental Roles

Richard provides day-to-day line management support to all of our technicians and field work staff at King's Manor, Campus East, and in the field. Richard also serves as the Departmental Safety Advisor, acting on behalf of the Head of Department to deliver Health & Safety initiatives and guidance for all our staff and students. Richard's duties also include management of the Department's assets and technical workspaces. 


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Mr Richard Hagan
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Department of Archaeology
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