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Pierre Tessier

Research project

The relationship between pelvic musculoskeletal morphology and male reproductive function, and its evolutionary context in hominins.

Supervisor: Dr. Laura Fitton

Description of the PhD:

The aim of the proposed PhD is to investigate the relationship between pelvic morphology and erectile function from an evolutionary perspective. The key question is whether the pelvis of male Homo sapiens could be the result of a compromise between strict bipedal locomotion on the one hand and a complex erectile process relying exclusively on soft tissue on the other, all within the context of pelvic features shared with female Homo sapiens and imposed by obstetric constraints. In addition to a better understanding of our species, this thesis could also have important clinical implications by providing a better knowledge of the aetiology of erectile dysfunction and how to address it.


I am passionate about understanding the human body, how it has evolved over time and the clinical implications this can have. I completed a PgDip in Anatomical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh in 2020. Then, I completed an MSc in Clinical Anatomy (Hull York Medical School) as a part-time student in 2023. During my MSc I proposed a dissertation topic: " The impact of pelvis morphology on erectile dysfunction ". The results of this study were surprising enough to warrant further research, which I decided to pursue myself by doing a PhD.

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Pierre Tessier
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