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Bryony Moss 


Research Project: Engaging the unengaged: Breaking down barriers of access to archaeology and heritage.

Feeling a sense of connection to our shared heritage is at the core of the human condition, and in recent years the discussion around these histories has become an increasingly emotive and politicised issue, leading to discussions about decolonisation, diversity and inclusion in the stories that we, as archaeologists and historians tell.  However, within the archaeology and heritage industries, it is clear there is a lack of diversity among those building the narratives and interpretations, which will inevitably impact the way in which these stories are told.

While there has been significant focus on gender and more recently racial and cultural representation within the discipline, little focus has been placed on socio-economic deprivation and access to and engagement with archaeology or representation within the working structures of the discipline. Those projects that do consider this theme either look at heritage more broadly (including natural heritage) or only consider socio-economic factors as an aside rather than the central focus of research.

My research will aim to make a start on this exploring access and engagement for young people growing up in socio-economically deprived areas and consider a means of access through education.


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Bryony Moss
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