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Dr Eva Mol
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Eva Mol is lecturer in Roman Archaeology at the department of Archaeology in York. She has a wide interest in archaeology, aside from everything Roman this includes archaeological theory, Greco-Roman religion, digital archaeology, Greek and Roman art history, and museum- and heritage studies related to the ancient Mediterranean. Eva has obtained her BA in Classical and Near Eastern archaeology, RMA (Mres) in Mediterranean archaeology and PhD at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Her MA-dissertation on Crusader Castles in the Near East and computational analysis has been published as a monograph. Her PhD-research investigated Egyptian material culture in Roman domestic contexts in Pompeii (forthcoming at Oxford University Press: Egypt in Pompeii: an examination of and assemblage in Roman Archaeology).


After her PhD Eva has worked with the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy as guest-curator, curating the exhibition ‘Il Nilo a Pompei’ on the influence of Egypt in Pompeii and Italy. She has done a postdoctoral research at The University of Chicago Classics (2016-2017) on an ongoing project about mythology and materiality in the Mediterranean world. This project studies how landscape, objects, and mythology became increasingly connected during 4th and 1st centuries BC, shaping the Mediterranean, using case studies from Greece, Turkey, Italy and North Africa. Eva has also been a postdoctoral researcher at Brown University at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World (2017-2019) and worked at the Institute of Archaeology at UCL as an associated lecturer in Greek and Roman art and archaeology (2019-2022). At Brown she taught archaeology, heritage, and museum-based courses, and developed a course on ‘Slow Archaeology’ as a way to implement engaged pedagogy and diversity in archaeological education. At Brown and UCL, Eva started a digital project on the heritage of the Isis temple in the city of Rome (License to Imagine: the Iseum Campense project).

Eva has collaborated and works on a number of Mediterranean archaeological fieldwork projects, in Pompeii, Rome, Cyprus, and Greece. She has worked as co-field director within the Tappino Valley Project (KNIR-Royal Netherlands Institute Rome with Prof. Stek) on the excavation of the Samnite sanctuary at San Giovanni in Galdo, and the possible rural sanctuary site at Sant’ Andrea in Molise (Central Italy).



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Dr Eva Mol
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