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York was the hub of Anglo-Scandinavian England and at the heart of the turbulent events of the Viking period. Today the University of York hosts one of Europe‚Äôs most active and resourceful research communities in Viking Studies. The Viking Studies Research Group acts as a focus for research across a number of departments as well as in the Centre of Medieval Studies.

Comprising senior researchers and research students, the group organizes seminars and lectures, as well as more informal meetings. 

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Lecture Archive


In 2014 Steve Ashby was awarded a University Learning and Teaching grant, in order to bring lecturers from around northern Europe to York to lecture for students, and to be recorded for use online.  These speakers included Prof Dagfinn Skre (Culture Historical Museum, University of Oslo); Prof Dan Carlsson (University of Gotland), Dr Anton Englert (Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde), Dr Colleen Batey (Universities of Glasgow and Iceland), Dr Mark Redknap (National Museum of Wales), Dr David Petts (University of Durham) and John Sheehan (University College, Cork).  Their lectures have been archived as private youtube videos here. Many subsequent lectures have been livestreamed and archived at the same site.


Great Beast motive from the greater Jelling rune stone (10th century)

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Church and Landscape

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An Audience with Tyr : Music and Heritage

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Viking Silver

Placenames of England

Death and Burial

Metalwork and Settlement

Anglo-Scandinavian Artefacts

Urbanism, Hinterlands, and Vikings

Contested places - Transition and Lordship

Production, exchange, and the camps of the micel here

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The Skaldic Project

Crafting Networks in Viking Towns