Please see the updated guidance on right to work checks during Covid-19:

What are the University's minimum standards?

If you are engaging an employee, worker or volunteer, a right to work check must be carried out before they commence any paid work or unpaid voluntary duties.

  1. Evidence documents provided must be originals and listed as acceptable documents on the UKVI check list
  2. Copies of the evidence must be taken at the time the check is carried out with the worker present
  3. The person undertaking the check must verify each copied document by signing and dating the copy
  4. The verification statement must read:

    I certify this is a true copy of the original. This right to work check was carried out on [INSERT DATE], by [NAME and SIGNATURE]

  5. The verification date must be before any work has commenced

Checks must be applied equally to all employees and workers so that we are compliant with our duty to prevent illegal working while avoiding unfair (and unlawful) discrimination.