Fellowships and Proleptic Lectureships

Guidance for Review following Completion of a Research Fellowship

1. Scope

  1. The following guidance applies to Early Career Researchers who are offered Proleptic Lectureships which usually arise in the following circumstances:
    1. An Early Career Researcher is successfully appointed to a Lectureship through open recruitment and the appointment is delayed to allow the individual to complete their Fellowship
    2. An Early Career Researcher, currently based at another HEI, expresses a wish to transfer their Fellowship to York and a Proleptic Lectureship is offered and taken up on conclusion of the Fellowship
    3. A Research Fellowship has been established which incorporates a Proleptic Lectureship; the first years are externally funded and wholly devoted to research and the appointee will automatically transfer to a departmentally funded Lectureship to be taken up on conclusion of the Fellowship

2. Background

  1. The University's probationary period for Research staff is 12 months and for Lecturers engaged in teaching and research at Grade 7 it is 2 years (exceptionally it may be 12 months).
  2. The following guidance details the approach to induction, probation and performance review for individuals who are initially engaged in Research and transfer to a Lecturership. It is designed to adhere to the terms and conditions of all funding bodies and avoids having two periods of probation.

3. Probation Period

  1. In accordance with the Research probation period, individuals offered Proleptic Lectureships will undertake a 12 month probationary period at the start of their Research Fellowship.

4. Performance Development Review

  1. On conclusion of satisfactory 12 month probation, completion of the Research Fellowship and on commencement of the Lectureship, the good practice approach and support outlined in the Academic Probation Policy and Procedure will apply in relation to the following:
    1. Provision of a Mentor
    2. Agreement of a Development Plan
    3. Mandatory expectation that the Lecturer will undertake PGCAP (unless exempt)
    These will be captured on the Performance Development Review Form where objectives will be set for the Lecturer and reviewed in line with the PDR process
  2. On commencement of the Lectureship, a review of the Research Fellowship should be undertaken and objectives set for all three areas of academic activity - Teaching, Research and Academic Citizenship - for the Lectureship. There should be particular focus on the support to be provided for the Teaching aspect of the role to enable the individual to achieve and maintain the required standards.
  3. Where the terms of the grant permit, opportunities should be taken to incorporate a small amount of teaching prior to the individual taking up the Lectureship to support the transition into a full Teaching and Research role.
  4. Any difficulties in performance arising during the Lecturer's employment ie. post-Research Fellowship, will be dealt with through the University's normal procedures.
  5. Prior to commencement of the Lectureship, it may be appropriate to consider applying for promotion, particularly for individuals who are employed on Research Fellowships for 5 or more years.