Terms of Reference

  • To set the strategy for the remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor's Direct Reports, Heads of Departments, Professors and the Senior Management Pay Group, balancing the safeguarding of public funds and the need to remain competitive by reference to the Committee of University Chairs HE Remuneration Code of Governance.
  • To review and determine salaries and terms of employment of the Vice-Chancellor and Direct Reports ["Senior Post Holders"], taking account of affordability, proportionality to remuneration of other university staff, comparative external information on remuneration and equality information.
  • To promote the University's responsibilities for equality and diversity by ensuring that relevant information is given full consideration in relation to matters relating the remuneration of the groups overseen by the Remuneration Committee.
  • To agree the Strategic Remuneration Principles for all University employees outside of the National Pay Framework, taking into account the Committee of University Chairs HE Remuneration Code of Governance. To delegate the accountability for determining pay for this group, excluding Senior Post Holders, to Remuneration Sub-Group.
  • To review the decisions of the Remuneration Sub-group, including discretionary revisions to remuneration made between meetings of this group and monitor adherence to the Strategic Remuneration Principles.
  • To keep under review expenses reimbursed and allowances paid to the Vice-Chancellor and other senior staff and officers.
  • To determine severance arrangements for any member of staff earning over £100k.
  • To provide Council with an annual report which is transparent and meets the requirements of good governance including the extent to which value for money is achieved within the areas under the Committee's oversight.