Supporting colleagues during the Covid-19 vaccination programme

The University supports the current roll out of Covid-19 vaccines. (Read the Joint Statement between UCEA and the HE trade unions on staff vaccinations). In partnership with our Trade Union Colleagues, we would like to provide clarification of the support available to staff during the vaccine roll out.

Where possible, staff are encouraged to book vaccination appointments outside of working hours. However, where it is not possible to schedule Covid-19 vaccinations outside of working hours, the University supports all staff (including GTAs) to have paid time off for the appointments.

If an employee has a response to the Covid-19 vaccine that requires them to take sick leave they should do this in accordance with the University's sickness absence process.

If sickness absence is due to a direct response to the Covid-19 vaccine, that single period of absence will be excluded from attendance targets for managing short term frequent absence. If this scenario applies to a member of staff, it is their responsibility to make sure their line manager is aware of this situation.

Update November 2021: please note that the guidance above also applies to Covid-19 booster jabs.