1. Telephone your manager within thirty minutes of your expected start time. Only in exceptional circumstances should someone else call for you
  2. If you cannot telephone, or are unable to speak to your manager, some form of contact should be made with your department. A text message is not an acceptable form of notification unless this has been agreed previously
  3. Explain the reason for your absence so that it can be recorded on the absence notification form [docx] and agree when you will next be in touch
  4. If your absence is for eight or more calendar days you must be issued with a Statement of Fitness for Work (Fit Note)[1] certified by a healthcare professional[2]
  5. Send your Fit Note to your manager. If you have a hard copy, post it marked 'Addressee only' or hand it to them personally if you are meeting with them
  6. If you are still ill at the end of the period on the Fit Note, you must see your doctor again and if necessary get a further Fit Note. If you are ready to return to work during or at the end of the period specified on your Fit Note you don't need to return to your doctor
  7. When you return to work make sure that you have a Return to Work discussion with your manager

Departmental reporting arrangements

The steps above are the minimum requirements of the University.

Departments may have more specific reporting procedures (eg a requirement to contact a specific person, or to make contact before the start of your shift/working day).

You should ensure that you are aware of and follow any reporting procedures your department has in place.


  1. Fit notes can only be issued following an assessent of a person's fitness for work, so cannot be issued on request or via over-the-counter services.
  2. Doctor, nurse, occupational therapist, pharmacist or physiotherapist.