Talk through your approach to new challenges with a qualified coach

While the coaching and mentoring schemes continue for longer term support, we're offering a short-term coaching option that you might find useful.

The current circumstances pose all sorts of unimagined challenges. These are magnified in your leadership role, and even more so when we are isolated from normal avenues of support.

In managing your team, their concerns, questions and different environments, it may help to talk through your approach to the challenges you are facing with a qualified coach.

Examples of topics you may wish to explore with a coach could be:

  • keeping yourself motivated as a leader
  • communicating with your team most effectively when working remotely
  • supporting the wellbeing of your team
  • talking through a difficult conversation that needs to be had
  • planning your time within an unstructured environment
  • personal resilience

These one hour sessions will be conducted through Google Hangouts or similar with a qualified coach.

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Please note that this coaching is in no way intended to replace the advice around the application of policies and procedures that our HR Operations team can provide.

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