All staff should have their annual review between July and October.

The process is unchanged from last year.

Staff and managers can find guidance on preparing for their reviews on our performance management webpages, including:

Departmental preparation

Before holding any PDR meetings departmental management teams should meet to agree:

  • who is reviewing who (we recommend that no reviewer has more than 8-10 reviewees)
  • when reviews will take place
  • how performance ratings will be assigned consistently

Heads of Department will again be asked to report on the performance review process in their department. Spreadsheets will be issued in early July for Heads (or their nominee) to complete.

Reviews must be held by 31 October, and all ratings recorded in each department's spreadsheet by 7 November.

A reminder about the review process will be sent to all staff on 1 July with links to the forms and guidance.

Earlier reporting for senior managers

Staff in senior management roles should be reviewed in time so that their ratings can sent to HR by Friday 20 September.

This is the last date we can accept these ratings due to the schedule of the Remuneration Sub-Group, which makes decisions on senior staff salaries and which must report to the Remuneration Committee in October.

Please note that only the staff rating (and not a full review write-up) is needed by 20 September.