Telling your line manager about the adoption / surrogacy

You should notify your line manager of the adoption or surrogacy as soon as possible. It is recommended that you meet with your line manager to plan arrangements and to discuss any potential issues anticipated, or arising, due to the adoption / surrogacy.

Applying for adoption leave

  1. You must apply for adoption leave within seven days of being matched with a child, or in the case of surrogacy by, at least, the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth (EWC) or as soon as is practicable thereafter.
  2. Before you apply you'll need to know the date that the child will come to live with you and the date you want to start your adoption leave. In the case of adoption this will be either the date the child joins the family or a date up to 14 days before the expected date of placement
  3. Apply for adoption leave by completing and submitting the form at the base of this page
  4. If you have it, you must attach the proof of the adoption or surrogacy e.g. the matching certificate or the parental order. If you have already submitted your application without the relevant proof, you must provide it to (HR Services). You cannot take adoption leave or pay without providing this.
  5. If you are the intended parent of a surrogacy arrangement, before the parental order is issued you may be asked for a signed statutory declaration that you intend to apply for a parental order within the six month time limit.
  6. Within 28 days of receipt of the application form HR Services will write to you. Based on the information that you have provided on the application form they will provide confirmation, including the date when your adoption leave will end and the date that you are expected to return to work if you take your full 52 week entitlement. They may ask you to take some further action if this is necessary.

Changing the start date of adoption leave

You may bring forward, or postpone, your adoption leave start date. You must do so in writing and give at least 28 days' notice of the new date (or as soon as is reasonably practicable). Notification must be sent to your line manager, copying in (HR Services).

Applying for adoption leave