Implementing the change

  • In most cases the HoD will introduce the new arrangements on a temporary basis for a trial period only to identify any problems or issues that arise. This will give the opportunity to demonstrate that the arrangements can work well or iron out minor difficulties. However, if issues arise that cannot be overcome (see 2.1 of the Procedure) the HoD may refuse permission for long-term or indefinite changed to working patterns. A flexible working review form should be used to record the outcome of any discussions that take place during the trial period.
  • Where a trial period for the new arrangements is agreed, diary a review in advance and meet to discuss any issues that have arisen. Make sure that trial arrangements do not just continue by default until they become custom and practice. However, if serious problems arise you should not wait until any agreed review date to discuss them.
  • In most circumstances an approved request for flexible working will lead to a permanent change to the contractual terms of employment for the employee(s), with no automatic right to revert back to their previous working pattern. Managers should send the completed request form to
  • Managers should consider what needs to be done locally to implement the new arrangements, for example:
    • Make sure the rest of the team are fully informed about any changed arrangements.
    • Ensure customers or colleagues in other sections are informed where necessary.
    • Commence recruitment processes where appropriate.
    • Address training issues for the employee(s) and/or for others in the team.
    • Put in place appropriate monitoring systems such as agreeing clear objectives with the employee(s), or identifying an appropriate system of time recording.
    • Put in place appropriate communication systems, e.g. diary for job share partners.
    • Alter work or holiday rotas

The flexible working arrangements available to staff will be kept under review and, subject to feasibility, may be amended from time to time.

For further information see to the flexible working policy and procedure.