How the scheme works

The scheme will run on a biannual basis.

Prospective mentors will complete a mentor application form which, amongst other things, will indicate the topics that they feel they can provide mentoring on. They will then undergo training for the role and be matched with a mentee.

Similarly, prospective mentees will complete a mentee application form, including areas they want to explore with their mentor.

Mentors are matched as closely as possible to mentees depending on the experience and knowledge that mentors can offer and the experience and knowledge that mentees are looking for. Every effort will be made to make a good match, however this will depend largely on the availability of a wide mentor pool.

An introductory email is sent out to each pairing with the respective applications attached. The mentoring relationship is typically set up to run for a period of six months with up to six meetings, or less as agreed by both parties. Extension to the time limit may be negotiated if agreeable by both parties on a case by case basis.