Purpose and scope of the scheme

This is a pilot scheme to test how popular and useful mentoring is for postgraduate research students (PGRs). The number of mentors we recruit will determine how many mentees we can admit to the scheme. To further manage expectations, this pilot is being made available to PGRs in the final 18 months before their submission deadline. PGRs will be matched with a postdoc/early career researcher who is willing to share their recent knowledge and experience as a researcher. All mentors will receive training in advance of the scheme starting to ensure they are focussing on issues which complement, but which do not replicate the areas of expertise and specific research advice given by the mentees supervisor and Thesis Advisory Panel (TAP) members.

The University is committed to developing the capability of researchers at all levels in line with the principles of the Researcher Development Concordat. This scheme acknowledges that PGRs are the start of the research pipeline.

Who is it for?

This scheme specifically focuses on providing mentoring relationships for all postgraduate researcher students (PGRs) in the final 18 months before their submission deadline. It will primarily utilise postdoctoral researchers as mentors.