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Paul Chappell
Research Associate



  • PhD (York)
  • MA, (York)
  • BSc (Lancaster)

Paul studied for a BSc in Psychology at Lancaster University between 2003 and 2006 and gained a Masters in Social Research at York in 2008. Paul completed his PhD on food preferences, class, and the life-course, supervised by Mike Savage, in 2015. Paul worked as an Associate Lecturer in the Department between 2012 and 2016, during which time he taught on a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses within the Department, with the main focus being on teaching social research methods. Between 2016 - 2017 Paul worked on an NIHS project investigating interaction in neurology consultations, in order to explore the different practices used by clinicians to offer patient choice. Paul is currently an honorary fellow in the Department and continues to publish papers from the above project, as well as methodological research.

Contact details

Dr Paul Chappell
Research Associate
Department of Sociology Law & Management Building
University of York
YO10 5GD



Paul's main research interests are in the sociology of food, health, and research methods. He is particularly interested in applying new quantitative, digital, and innovative methods and methodologies to the study of food and health.


Chappell, P., Toerien, M., Jackson, C., & Reuber, M. (2018). Following the patient's orders? Recommending vs. offering choice in neurology outpatient consultations. *Social Science & Medicine*, *205*, 8-16.

Chappell, P., Tse, Y.K., Zhang, M., Moore, S.R. (2017). Using GPS geo-tagged social media data and geodemographics to investigate social differences: A Twitter pilot study. *Sociological Research Online*.

Tse, Y. K., Zhang, M., Doherty, B., Chappell, P., Moore, S. R., & Keefe, T. (2017). Exploring the Hidden Pattern from Tweets: Investigation into Volkswagen Emissions Scandal. In H. Chan, N. Subramanian, & M. Abdulrahman (Eds.), *Supply Chain Management in the Big Data Era* (pp. 172-198).

Jenkins, L., Cosgrove, J., Chappell, P., Kheder, A., Sokhi, D. & Reuber, M. (2016). Neurologists can identify diagnostic linguistic features during routine seizure clinic interactions: results of a one-day teaching intervention. *Epilepsy & Behavior,* 64, 257-261.

Tse, Y. K., Zhang, M., Doherty, B., Chappell, P., & Garnett, P. (2016). Insight from the horsemeat scandal: exploring the consumers’ opinion of tweets toward Tesco. *Industrial Management & Data Systems*, *116*(6).

Wiseman, H., Chappell, P., Toerien, M., Shaw, R., Duncan, R., & Reuber, M. (2016). Do patients want choice? An observational study of neurology consultations. *Patient education and counseling*.

Uprichard, E., Nettleton, S., & Chappell, P. (2013). ‘Food hates’ over the life course: an analysis of food narratives from the UK Mass Observation Archive. *Appetite*, *71*, 137-143.