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Adam B.
Theatre, Film and Television
Writing, Directing and Performance
United Kingdom

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Press and Publicity Officer
Mind Over Matter Theatre Collective
United Kingdom
Creative arts and design
Small business (0-49 employees)

About the job

What I do

I currently serve as the Press and Publicity Officer for Mind Over Matter Theatre Collective, a theatre collective made up of graduates from the Department of Theatre, Film and Television here at York. I recently went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the collective, where my roles mainly involved promoting the company through their social media and communications channels, as well as in person.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Organisation, time management and interpersonal skills. I develop these skills through all of the jobs I do for the collective, which require me to be hands-on and focused at all times.

What I like most

Being in an often intense yet highly creative and welcoming environment. The collective are supportive and very helpful, and regularly ensure I know what I'm doing and keep communication frequent and open.

Finding and applying for the job

How I looked for work

I began researching work experience opportunities in my Department, and got in touch with our Artistic Director during a production we worked on together in my first year.

How I found out about the job

Personal contacts

The recruitment process

I applied for the job in early 2016, and was recruited after our Artistic Director looked at my previous work on Press and Publicity-related things, including reviews I write for a London-based company.

My advice to students

My advice to students considering work

Just be honest and pick something you're genuinely interested in. I got this role through work experience with the collective, and they recognised my hard work and wanted to keep me as a permanent member. Learn skills appropriate to what you want to do and keep track of all the experiences you have, perhaps online - you never know who might be looking!

Contacting me

I'm very happy to answer questions on anything related to work experience in the arts, particularly theatre. I'm keen to mentor a student who understands that hard work really does pay off, and one who is willing to put the time and effort into finding opportunities. I can also answer questions on how to manage time during studies (I still have a year at York left) in order to get the most out of any opportunities you come across.

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