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Evelien K.
Theatre, Film and Television
Film and Television Production
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Script Supervisor
United Kingdom

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BAME student
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A day in the life of a Script Supervisor in the United Kingdom

My advice to students considering work

Do not work for free in exchange for "great experience" or "CV building". If you're expected to do work for which people would normally be paid, companies need to pay you. Otherwise it's illegal and it also sets a bad precedent for other people trying to break into your industry. Read up on your rights: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/national-minimum-wage-work-experience-and-internships

My advice about working in my industry

Know your goal, and work towards that. The clearer that is on our CV the better. Don't say you're a writer or producer coming straight out of university. You'll look daft and pretentious. Work hard and stand out for the right reasons, but don't let people take advantage. Be prepared to have no social life/ long stints of no money and working days/ nights that can last for 12 hours or longer.

Never, ever pay for job sites like My First Job in Film or Production Base. Most of their job posts can be found elsewhere on the interweb and these sites rarely deliver. The Unit List, for instance, is great if you want to get ahead in television. Get on Facebook, there are amazing Runner Groups and Film/TV communities out there who post jobs and from which you can learn a great deal.

What I do

Script Supervisor

How I started my business

I've got a background in Production and after being a Production Coordinator on my first feature, I knew I wanted to get into Script Supervision. I got on the Creative Skillset Traineefinder Scheme, which helped me get on larger scale productions, from where I built up a lot of industry contacts.

What I like most

Working on set is rarely predictable. You never know how a day is going to pan out and you get to work with a wide range of (mostly) awesome people. There is really nothing like working in film!

What I like least

Not knowing when the next job is going to turn up and how long you've got to make your money last can be incredibly annoying.

What surprised me most

How little I knew about the actual film making process when I came out of university and that there still is a massive case of gender inequality in this industry.

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