Phil W.

Marketing Director
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About me

Phil W.
United Kingdom

My employment

Marketing Director
British Hospitality Association
United Kingdom
Tourism, leisure and hospitality
Small business (0-49 employees)

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A day in the life of a Marketing Director in the United Kingdom

Experienced and versatile Marketing Director - blue chip brands and innovative not for profit

What I do

Develop marketing strategy and plans for a private sector body representing the hospitality and tourism industry.Implementing plans which actively champion the interests of UK hospitality and tourism with govt and advice and business services which help individual members to flourish.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Special talent demonstrated building innovative new organisations , markets and brands for Mars, Del Monte, Pfizer, created a new national brand at Learndirect and marketed to membership of individuals (2m) and businesses (>200k).

Cutting-edge communications - marketing success has covered ground-breaking advertising, media, events, digital acquisition and partnership marketing, B2B experience and campaigns based on national and local insights. Major public sector digital initiatives - Learndirect & NHS Choices.

Insightful strategy and analysis - highly data literate with a proven ability to analyse market behaviour, based on training at Nielsen- the global market research leader. Led major segmentation exercises for Mars, in the UK education market, the health research market and for fire safety in Europe, as the basis for strong and successful growth strategies.

Innovative new business and services - based on real customer needs and insights , delivered over £40m of new business including consumer products , sales to businesses of training and health services , licencing and distributor agreements, and negotiated £ multimillion supplier and government contracts.

Outstanding relationship management – operating at board level, achieved objectives by maintaining the confidence of stakeholders, non-executives and senior management at parent companies, customers and suppliers, and with teams at government departments. Negotiated strong partnerships with national and regional bodies for joint promotion and reciprocal services.

Acute budget and financial skills - including managing a financial turnaround at First Alert, developing company value during a management buyout at Del Monte.

What I like most

Researching marketing, defining strategy and being involved in creative communications or commercial solutions

What I like least

Small 'p' politics and non collegiate work mates

What surprised me most

Like every industry I have worked in, it has its own culture , patterns, and commercial challenge; so this fact was not a surprise but the fascinating details of these were.

How I looked for work

I started my career through a grad scheme at the global market research leader Nielsen, and have used agencies, direct ads and personal referral to gain work opportunities in a varied career.

How I found out about the job

Personal contacts

My career goals when I graduated

Job using skills that I developed studying history, a commercial and creative aspect and the opportunity for good remuneration.

My career history

Director - Marketing Communications & Development

LEARNDIRECT ( Ufi Charitable Trust )
Group Director of Marketing, Research & Communications

MARS EUROPE Head of European Marketing & Market Development

European Sales & Marketing Director

Marketing Director - Europe , Marketing Manager – UK

Product Manager

Account Manager

What has helped my career to progress

Application, flexibility, good personal relationships, integrity and judgement, preparedness to enter new roles and industries-public and private sector

How my studies have helped my career

Communication skills , writing , analysis and differentiating the important from less so.

What surprised me about my career so far

Variety of sectors, company sizes, involvement in different geographies, great bosses, shit life really!

Where I hope to be in 5 years

Interesting work in a challenging environment and working with people with similar values

My advice to students considering work

Your skills , interest and passion can often be met in varied careers so don't preclude them too early. Also start something as you may not yet know you exact career target.

My advice about working in my industry

Research and speak to people -don't assume the good or bad.

Contacting me

Preference to arts students but not prescriptive.
Happy to help with career choices and learnings, or specific insights with particular applications

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