Becky W.

Class Teacher
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Becky W.
Educational Studies
United Kingdom

My employment

Class Teacher
Primary School
United Kingdom

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A day in the life of a Class Teacher in the United Kingdom

How I found out about the job

Online jobs board

The recruitment process

My job was advertised on the Hampshire website for recruiting teachers - all jobs are listed on here for Hampshire, giving details of what the school is looking for and contact details to arrange visits and make applications.

My career history

I am entering my third year in my school, having completed my NQT year there in order to become fully qualified. The school is in Winchester and has a varied catchment. My current class size is 34 Y4/5 pupils.

Courses taken since graduation


Where I hope to be in 5 years

After a couple more years gaining class teacher experience, I would like to go into leadership. I am also enjoying developing my current subject areas of responsibility.

What I do

Primary teaching involves teaching all subjects. I am also the head of music and RE (after your NQT year you are given subject leadership for one or more subjects). I have a class of 34 children in a split year group of Year 4 and 5s. A Teaching Assistant works in class with me during the mornings, and her tasks are my responsibility to organise. Taking assemblies, playground duties as well as liasing with parents on a day to day basis are all part of the job. There is also a huge amount of paperwork and admin that is not completely revealed during your PGCE!

Skills I use and how I developed them

As well as my PGCE qualification, I had a lot of work experience.

Degree skills:
My course gave me useful insights into the theories of learning.

Extracurricular skills:
I gained work experience through YSIS, and other options I organised myself. These are vital on applications. I also did extra sports related courses, including swimming instructing, alongside my PGCE.

What I like most

I enjoy making a difference and providing stability for children for whom home can be unpredictable. I am very lucky to work with a great team of staff and also have a class of great children who are very eager to learn.

What I like least

I have a lot of admin and paperwork!

What would I change? I wouldn't change anything, it is a fantastic career in which you can make a huge difference.

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