Adam C.

Managing Director
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Adam C.
English and Related Literature
United Kingdom

My employment

Managing Director
United Kingdom
HR, recruitment and training
Small business (0-49 employees)

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A day in the life of a Managing Director in the United Kingdom

Be brave, try to develop a network, don't be afraid to ask others for help and advice

Briefly describe the organisation you work for

We are a boutique recruitment and research business working with the very best clients and candidates.

What do you do?

I run the business to the best of my ability.

Reflecting upon your past employment and education, what led you to your current career choice?

Am still working this out!

Is your current job sector different from what you thought you would enter when you graduated?

Yes - 100%

Describe your most memorable day at work

Possibly recently when we had our first Covid-19 case and had to abandon the office!

Are there any challenges associated with your job?

Huge challenges everywhere, especially at the moment. Normally I focus on our clients, our team and our cash position as my three overarching priorities.

What’s your work environment and culture like?

It is fantastic- friendly, kind, driven, ambitious, high-quality, ethical a lovely place to be - and now we are trying to protect this whilst remote working.

What extracurricular activities did you undertake at university and what transferable skills did you develop through these?

I played loads of sport and spent lots of time in the Charles pub! Very much improved my social skills :-)

What would you like to do next with your career?

Survive the impact of the virus and then rebuild the business to make it bigger and better than before.

What top tips do you have for York students preparing for today’s job market and life after graduation?

Be brave, try to develop a network, don't be afraid to ask others for help and advice, be humble and thank people.

What topics from students are you happy to answer questions on?

Careers, networking, consulting, sales, management, small businesses etc

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Delighted to help if I can.

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