Securing an MBA helped me switch from civil service to private sector

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Gavin D.
United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

About the course

Why I continued studying

After a few years in the Civil Service (in the House of Commons) I knew I wanted to move on - but I had really limited private sector skills. An MBA, taken part-time while I was still working, was a great way to prepare for my future career.

What my course is like

Part-time distance learning MBA allowed me to apply what I was learning to the real world of work. It brought the whole course (which lasted for 4 years) to life.

How I have funded my studies

My employer paid the majority of it; I could afford the balance because I was still working.

What I like most

Being given a rigorous academic framework and new knowledge to apply to real-life experience.

Finding and applying for the course

How I found out about the postgraduate place

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My advice to students

My advice to students considering further study

Make sure you can fit it in around other commitments. I was lucky with my job and family; not everybody would be.

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