Luke R.

Environmental Partnership Manager
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About me

Luke R.
Environmental Science & Management
Taught Postgraduate
United Kingdom

My employment

Environmental Partnership Manager
Virgin Trains
United Kingdom
Transport and logistics
Large business (250+ employees)

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A day in the life of a Environmental Partnership Manager in the United Kingdom

Get in touch if you'd like to work in Sustainability, Energy or the Environment sectors

What I do

Environmental Partnership Manager, bringing Environmental professionals, industry experts and the community together for the good of the environment.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Diplomacy, honed first as a school governor then latterly as a Councillor and a director.
Public speaking, as above but with a great deal of subject knowledge and good preparation, you can train yourself to speak well about anything.
Implementation, all of my jobs have taken good ideas, appraised them and tried to make them happen on the ground.

What I like most

Finding out that I have really helped somebody or that something I have worked on has been built out or installed.

What I like least

Red (or green) tape, there are always plenty of reasons not to do something, but finding a route though to deliver is the real skill of the job.

What surprised me most

I have used my knowledge for commercial, domestic, leisure and transport organisations and the basic principles are still the same.

How I looked for work

Sign up to job email lists for companies you would like to work for. is good for finding general opportunities in this sector and also keep networking, on LinkedIn and in person, you may get a call one day from someone you once had a cup of tea with!

How I found out about the job


The recruitment process

Application process was a form on the website, match your experiences to the job description as well as you can, and try and give some context for why you are a good "team player".
The interview was in 3 parts.
1. a presentation, prepare well and match their question to your vision of how you would approach it with your skill set.
2. a set of questions, have some good examples of how you already have the skills required for the job.
3. a group activity, play to your strengths but keep in mind they may be looking for certain behaviors such as logistics or interpersonal skills.

My career goals when I graduated

To become an environmental consultant. I since changed my mind...

My career history

North Yorkshire Council, surveying public buildings for Display Energy Certificates
Flamingo Land, being their energy auditor then energy manager
York Council, planning investment in social housing
Wakefield Council, as the lead on sustainability
Virgin Trains, environmental partnerships development

What has helped my career to progress

Not being afraid to change when you feel you're not learning anymore, or to try a new sector, I still don't know if I prefer commercial or domestic energy yet.

Courses taken since graduation

Commercial energy assessment, needed for my first job and turned the theory of my Masters into a valuable skill that the organisation needed.
City and Guilds in domestic energy assessment, useful for understanding the methodology and key components of home energy, this started me off towards my first management job.
ESOS Lead Assessor training, a compliance led training course, building on energy auditing and appraising opportunities financially and technically.

How my studies have helped my career

There is an implied knowledge and skill set that comes with doing a degree at a good university, if you gain good on-the-job experience and skills, this is further reinforced. Your degree gives confidence to employers that you can understand technical information, process information and make judgments on what is the best way forward. If you have a good work ethic, show your experience and development, present your work and yourself well, and know a bit about the company, you will always have a good chance.

What surprised me about my career so far

You can do sustainability in any organisation, I had no idea I would have such a broad experience only 10 years after graduation. This has been achieved through continuous personal development and latterly team development.

Where I hope to be in 5 years

Heading up my own department would be nice, but I would be satisfied getting a good work/life balance, enjoying my job, my family time and some time for running.

My advice to students considering work

Volunteer, say yes and know which skills you're looking to acquire. If you know the job you would like involve accounts, become a treasurer for a society or community group. It's a win-win they get a volunteer and you get a great example of that skill for your interview.

My advice about working in my industry

Understand that good energy management and environmental protection is good business. It can save money from taxes and reduced bills but also start to generate income. Oh, also it protects the environment for future generations...

Other advice

Enjoy you time at York but stay focused on what your end-game is, if you want a good start to your career, your preparation needs to start now.

Contacting me

Anyone interested in the Environment, Carbon, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and questions related to these areas.

Next steps...

If you like the look of Luke’s profile, the next steps are down to you! You can send Luke a message to find out more about their career journey. If you feel you would benefit from more in-depth conversations, ask Luke to be your mentor.

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